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Frequently Asked Questions

Once registered, Trademark is valid for 10 years. After that you can renew the trademark.

> KYC documents of the person on whose name trademark is required
> Name or design of Brand name based on the requirements
> Nature of business or activity for which trademark is proposed to be used or using.

Trademark registration is lengthy process. After submission of trademark application, it will go through different steps as per the rules of government like Thorough search, Publishing in Journal, Receiving the objections and other process. It will take around 6 months to 2 years of time to get the trademark certificate based on the name and design. Connect now with expert to register fastly.

Zerotaxes Professionals will search, compare, and analyses the trademark, conducts the legal search, checks and confirms the availability. Then prepares documentation completes the application process. Zerotaxes is the only one who take care of the communication process with the trademark authorities to process application. Connect now to register your trademark now.

Yes, You can register your trademark on your company name.

Trademark registered in india is valid only in india. For global trademark registrars, you need to register under WIPO. To register under WIPO, you must register your trademark in india first. So Contact expert. to know more details.


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Very helpful and good. As a small business owner who can't afford the high registration costs, Zerotaxes is the best solution. Thankyou Zerotaxes.

M K Shyam

Whole team is super professional having indepth knowledge in registration process. They completely taken care about the registration.


They are providing the best solution. Their suggestion saved ₹27,000 of registration cost. 100% trust worthy, informative working towards solution.


Their aim is super good. Everyone try to cut down the costs, they have bunch of cost cutting techniques. I never see this kind of professional attitude in anyone.