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we are helping our clients to submit thier tax declaration to employers to reduce the cuttings of salary

Our expert planned tax declaration submission will help you out from cuttings from your salary.
Our major beneficiaries are

  • Software Employees
  • Marketing and Sales Employees
  • Doctors and Health Care Workers
  • Manager Level Employees
  • Freelance Professionals
  • other employees

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tax declaration is an document of information which expresses the tax plan of the employee to the emplyer for the running financial year.

Submitting the Tax declaration to the employer helps in calculation of taxes for the financial year by the employer which ultimately results in correct deduction of TDS portion in the salary. As per our research, 82% of employers are deducting excess tax from salary of the employee due to non submission of tax declaration by the employee. So submit your tax declaration to increase the cash flow. Connect to professional now

Every employee is required to submit the tax declaration to avoid the excess deductions of TDS. If there is no TDS, Tax declaration is not required to be submitted.

With the help of Zerotaxes experienced experts in income tax, Expert will prepare the Tax declaration for you which will result in deduction of Zero taxes to very low taxes. Connect now

The required documents will depend on your income, existing investments, existing loans etc. Connect to professional now to know more.

You can submit your claims to your employer in Form 12BB. If your company has specific format you can submit in the same.


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It is incredible to be client of Zerotaxes. The way they communicate is really amazing and understanding. They take care of our each and every activity. Team are extremely strong and all around knowledgeable in this field. Thank you Zerotaxes.

Bharath Kumar

Value for Money and Transparent. Team is very cooperative, friendly and quick service.


Very happy for connecting with Zerotaxes. They have done my tax declaration very well and saved ₹12,500 per month of cutings. It's really amazing.

Vijay Kumar Reddy

I really like thier honesty, their service is worth for penny. They are completed my tax declaration within just 1 hour of time. Thank your Zerotaxes team.

Shankar Varma